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    If someone dies at home, you should:

    1. Contact the family doctor or NHS24 (111) if out of hours.
    • If death occurs during the night and is sudden and unexpected, the doctor or NHS24 should be notified at once.
    • Otherwise you can call the doctor in the morning.
    • The Doctor will either Issue a medical certificate of cause of death (Form 11) needed by the registrar, provided that there are no unusual circumstances.
    • In some cases the doctor will not be able to issue a certificate and will report the death to the Procurator Fiscal.
    • When an NHS24 doctor is able to verify death, they will not normally be able to issue a certificate, but will inform the local doctor who will issue a certificate at the first available opportunity.
    1. Contact the nearest relative(s).
    2. Contact the police if the death was violent, accidental, unexpected, if there are unusual circumstances or if the cause of death is not known. If the police are called, do not touch or move anything in the home.
    3. If the deceased wanted to donate their body, or body parts (such as organs), you will need to contact a doctor quickly.
    4. Contact a funeral director (undertaker) who will arrange for the appropriate care of the deceased.
    5. Find out if there is a will, and if so, where it is and who is responsible for dealing with it.

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